Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Memory

My first memory of Lucy was when we found out the wonderful news that we were pregnant. We had started our 4 week road trip and we were staying the night in a hotel in Tennessee. I woke up early and just couldn't wait to check and see.. and there it were the 1, or was it 2 red lines, I wasn't sure at first so I woke up my husband and he was super positive that we were pregnant! We were overjoyed and so excited about telling my son that we told him that day. My son was begging us for a sibling for 2 years already. It was so amazing telling him, he had so many questions and was grinning from ear to ear.

So there we were on the road, talking, dreaming and on top of the world, traveling through St. Louis, then to Chicago, camping in Michigan and in Canada, staying in Toronto, visiting beautiful Niagara falls, then to Ottawa, Montreal, and then to Connecticut, NYC and then back to Clemson, SC, Wow! There is one word to describe our state of mind on this trip. Happiness. Complete happiness. I was so thrilled to be caring and growing a little love inside of me. I felt so alive and I felt so important and just completely amazing. Here in this picture we were camping in rural Michigan state and I am swimming nude on a deserted beach on Lake Superior! Oh I remember being there, the waves so big and beautiful, the water so crisp and fresh, the sand so soft and lovely. My husband and son were on the beach laughing at me as I was running like a happy wild pregnant lady into the cool, crisp water. Such a perfect moment in time.

My post inspired by Carlymarie's 'Capture your grief project' 2013

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