Monday, March 14, 2016

My little girl

As my sweet Lucy's third birthday approaches all I can think about is her.. How would she be now.. Luke says she'd have hair like mine, black and curly, he drew a picture of her a few days ago, he says to me "she looks like a mini you" and then he giggled... I picture a sweet little girl with bouncy curls who loves to run through flowers and steal snacks from her brother and then they'd giggle about it.. I bet she'd love her new baby brother and she'd take lots of naps and snuggles with him. She'd draw sweet art that only a 3 year old knows how to make and we'd hang her drawings all over the walls. We'd go on nature adventures and pick wild flowers for pressing between the pages of old books.. We'd giggle together as we play hide and seek around the house, we'd have picnics and tea parties and tree climbing. At the end of the day she'd be so tired that she'd fall asleep on the couch and her daddy would have to carry her to bed. Ah I love to dream of my sweet little girl.