Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 3 In Honor


Oh sweet baby girl, how delicate you are, yet how incredibly strong

You're perfect body, you're prefect soul, you captivate me

Those hands, those arms, those checks
you take my breath away

The sweetness of you. Your calmness.
Your peaceful spirit, it's awakened something in me

Your perfect love, it's an inspiration in this life, your peaceful life

Your grace is powerful, you are my spiritual guide.
I love you. I honor you.

I'm beyond amazed that you chose me to be your mother

CarlyMarie Project Heal Capture Your Grief 2015

Day 2 Intention


Seeing Beauty.
Beauty in life. Beauty in myself. Beauty in others.

Being able to step back and be present.

Being open to give and except more freely.

Letting my intuition guide me.
Being strong about my feelings.

Being truthful. Being honest.

Keeping love and nature as a
foundation to life.

Practicing to be still.
Being free to laugh more.
Living calmly.

CarlyMarie Project Heal Capture Your Grief 2015

Day 1 Sunrise


"Just for a moment let's be still"

It's needed, so needed and sometimes I forget to take a moment to take a break from my life. Today I gave myself twenty minutes to sit in silence and breath in the fresh air. It feels real, in this moment I feel alive.

I sit here, I feel still.

CarlyMarie Project Heal - Capture your grief 2015