Friday, April 3, 2015

Lucy's 2nd Birthday

"Two years ago I held the sweetest baby girl in my arms. She cooed and smiled, my love for her runs through my heart deeper and brighter. As I sit and remember her, as I sit and love her deeply and as I miss her, as I long for her so, I smile, I cry, my heart burns with love for her, my lips miss kissing her and my arms ache without her in them. She gives me light and sings within me. She's inspired me with passion and makes me realize what is truly important. Love. Without love we have nothing."

Folly Boat in Charleston, SC we painted in our sweet Lucy's honor: 

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy -- Boat Painting April 2nd 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The glow that she left in me is forever ignited - painted by the beautiful Amanda Greavette

I am deeply honored and delighted to share with you this gorgeous piece of art completed by one of the most amazing artists that I know. The talented and most beautiful Amanda Greavette fell in love with Lucy and our story and was moved to paint this amazing photo of the me pregnant with my dear Lucy.