Sunday, July 10, 2016

5:11 am

I hovered over some pictures on my laptop this morning, it was interesting to see the different dates and times they were taken. The last photo I ran my mouse across was this one, it said "Date taken 4/2/2013, 5:11 am. Wow, it is so powerful that these two beautiful children shared that moment, this moment to be exact. And it has a time mark in history. How beautiful. How precious. This moment capture, not only captured with our camera but most importantly capture in our minds, our hearts and our souls. Lucy was here in his arms and this moment that were taken is so real and so beautiful.

A yawn
A smile
Two beautiful souls
Sharing a moment
This moment in time
Such beauty
Such perfection
He is so gentle
She is so sweet
They come together
Holding each other
So soft
So perfect.