Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lucy's Blessingway

A blessingway is a beautiful way to celebrate mothers and their babies. To me having this blessingway was so full of memories that I love and I cherish dearly. To me this day was so beautiful, so full of emotion. I fully believe that women coming together to support one another is important and is sometimes forgotten in this day and age. So here I am sharing with you a day full of love.

My sister helped me figure out all the details and we sent out an email invite to all my close close friends and family. I decided that after learning Lucy's diagnosis that I only could handle a small amount of women.

I asked the women who could not attend to send me a meaningful bead for a necklace and for those who could attend to bring one with them. I also asked the ladies to think of a poem or something meaningful to write down and share to help me through labor and birth. We combined all these words to go around a beautiful sunflower photo and I treasure it fully.

Table full of beeswax candles and a circle of flowers to represent Lucy's sweet little life that shines within me. I had enough candles to give to each woman so they could light them as I labored. 

 My beautiful friend Gabby who shared pregnancies with me joined us in celebration of both of our dear children. Flower crowns were made for both pregnant goddesses. 

Putting some of the most thoughtful beautiful beads onto my hemp sting necklace that I wore as I birthed my precious wonder. After each bead was put on, every woman shared something powerful and beautiful with me. These moments of time I hold so dear, it brought about so much love, tears and laughter as we loved on my precious Lucy. 

Me all fancy with my flower crown and birthing necklace.

Feeling sweet Lucy kick and jump for joy, she was so active. 

My momma painting my belly.

 All the beautiful women at Lucy's Blessingway took turns painting meaningful images on my belly. 

 After the women gathered, my son, husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law joined us later for dinner and a few pictures.

My sweet little boy loving on his little sister. 

A close up picture of my flower crown made with love by my dear sister. 

This evening that I shared with some of our close friends and family was amazing and is so treasured. I wanted to share our beautiful day with you all to inspire you to continue to hold one another and lift each other up even when it seems impossible. It has made a huge difference for me and my family. I treasure all of you for making the trip to our home and loving on us and on our dear baby Lucy.