Saturday, October 1, 2016


Lucy I'm thinking of you.

The sun is rising, I sit and watch the waves roll in. the birds are singing, flying together. It is calm and quiet. A dolphin cruising the water, magnificent beautiful. A feather blowing in the breeze, the waves crashing on the shore. The air is sweet and crisp, the feeling of fall in the air. It's felt like a lifetime apart, you and I. My sweet friend, my dear child. You are in my heart. I feel you're breath on my chest, your warm fingers holding tightly to mine. Your soft velvet hair nestled in the crook of my arm. You're sweet breathing of absolute peace.

You are my soft gentle breeze, my free spirit, my jewel of gold. The gold I see illuminating the sky, you are in all that is beautiful.

I feel you. I love you.

I absolutely miss you.

My Lucy.