Thursday, November 13, 2014

Photo today, full of love within me

I found this photo today. Of me, my sweet boy, my darling Lucy. I can see my face and my feelings, I am feeling my children deep within my heart. They are both with me always, I'm so thoroughly blessed to have them in my life. They make my life worth everything, they are love, complete love. 

As I sit here, I cry, I cry with the joy of knowing these amazing souls. Of feeling them so deeply within me. With them next to me during my days, helping to lift me when I fall. Showing me the truths of life, showing me the importance of every second. They've shown me the importance of slowing down, what was I doing, racing towards the end of my life? No, that's now what I want. They've shown me to want to cherish the seconds, grabbing the moments of life as they come. Being present with them, with myself, with life.  

As I look at my son, he is a master, a builder, a creator, a healer, an artist and a lover. He is so passionate about life, about learning and creating. He completely inspires me, empowers me. He is a rare soul. Every time I sit and just observe him at his work, his play he draws me in and I'm so blown away by his creations, his love filled presence, powerful spirit.

As I feel my daughter and look through what she has given me, I get shivers. Everything about her is perfect. Everything I do with her, feels perfect. Every time I feel her, she is perfect, complete. She overwhelms me with her sweet, precious peaceful spirit. 

How did get so lucky? To help create two amazingly beautiful beings, just absolutely radiant both inside and out. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pure Love

My two precious children. The ones that I live for. The ones that keep my life full of love. I'm so grateful and honored to be your mother.

This handsome caring boy of mine, look at the love in his big eyes. I've never seen a boy love his sister so... He is so full of passion and is just completely darling.
Look at those lips of hers, so tender and sweet. Her chunky cheeks of perfection. I miss them. I long for her touch, her smell, her everything.
I cherish these precious children of mine. I love their perfect love for each other.