Wednesday, March 29, 2017


There is so much more to grief than pain and sadness, so much more! There is a heart​ full of LOVE! Heart pounding, exhilarating huge mountains of love. I'm thinking of her today, she turns 4 on Sunday. The thoughts I have are not sad, yes I miss her, body and soul but at this moment the feelings I have are happiness. I am happy to be the mother of this darling one. She was strong enough to live 40 weeks, 5 days inside me and strong enough to live 33 hours earth side. I am proud to say that this is my daughter, this pure beautiful child. I would give anything to have her alive in my arms but goodness nothing will ever take away this amazing bond we have, this heart to heart passion that a mother and daughter share. My heart is burning with love for my daughter, I don't know a life without my Lucy. Just look at her, ahhh she makes me so happy. 
I absolutely adore her! 

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