Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Heart

There is a sweet little girl named Lucy who resides in my heart. She is in me, with me and part of me. Her life, her touch has opened my heart to a world of whispers. A world of life inside dreams and galaxies. She blessed our family with her presence, her glow. She touched our hearts with her soul. Her name is Lucy, our beautiful light. She lives in my heart and in our daily life. She is in the breeze, she is in the gallant sunflowers. She's in the majestic sunsets, the light through the trees. She's the drive inside my soul, the passion in my being. Her radiant heart is the moon, her eyes are the sun. This quiet little soul of hers flew into our lives and resides in our hearts forever. How can we not treasure a heart that is so pure and powerful. So knowing and wise. There is so much to learn from our sweet child who is so full of light.

 How many hearts can you find? (Lucy's big brother's heart drawing) 

My second post for Carlymarie's 'Capture your grief project'

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