Wednesday, October 1, 2014


My son and I left the house a bit early this morning so we could watch the sun rise in a special place. As we step from our car the weather was beautiful, light crisp air that was a bit chilly. We walked down to the waters edge, the sun was just rising and the water was extremely still, calm and clear. The majestic beauty was insurmountable. I took photos and reality hit me. The way the sun and the clouds formed made me feel as if my sweet little Lucy was pointing me in the direction that I need to go. Following her light will take me where I need to be. She is my sun and every time I follow her glow, I feel. I feel her strength, her love and her light. As we were leaving the water, and had walked up to the parking lot, I heard splashing. I turned around and the water had turned from this crystal lake into wild waves. I ran back and watched as the waves take me in and out and the feeling I felt made me just think of her and feel her near. On the way to drop my son off at school I asked him how he felt while we were watching the sunset and he said "Me and Lucy were together, that's how I felt." and he drew a sweet photo of them playing underneath a heart shaped sunflower.

My first post for Carlymarie's 'Capture your grief project'

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